Food combos offer powerful cancer-fighting properties

( New research is revealing exciting discoveries about the power of eating a variety of foods in an effort to stay healthy. Researchers found that a combination of broccoli and tomatoes offered a powerful, synergistic protective effect against cancer that wasn’t reproduced by just eating either vegetable alone. Nor was the positive preventive effect achieved by eating broccoli and taking lycopene supplements (an extract from tomatoes). Only the whole foods eaten in combinationoffered the protective effect.

This explains a lot when it comes to preventing cancer and eating healthy. First, it explains why all those studies that look at isolated nutrients like lycopene frequently fail to show impressive results. Those isolated nutrient studies are typically undertaken by organizations trying to disprove the value of healthy nutrition in an effort to convince people they need to be taking prescription drugs, and it’s easy to show that: just take one isolated nutrient from any vegetable and test it. Since nutrients aren’t nearly as powerful in isolation, the test results won’t show anything remarkable.

But in nature, phytonutrients are never isolated — they’re always found in a full spectrum across a variety of foods. When you eat one tomato, you’re not just eating lycopene, you’re eating hundreds (if not thousands) of protective phytochemicals that help prevent chronic diseases like prostate cancer. The research clearly supports this.

Now, when you add broccoli or other synergistic foods to the same meal, you get an even stronger health effect. How strong? The research showed that eating broccoli and tomatoes was far better than taking the most popular prostate cancer prescription drug on the market. How’s that for good nutrition?

The point is that if you want to be healthy, you have to look beyond taking isolated nutritional supplements or relying on prescription drugs to solve body chemistry problems. You simply must get into the daily habit of eating a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. I also highly recommend adding a variety of superfoods to the mix: broccoli sprouts (or any sprouts, for that matter), chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass, sprouted grains, and so on.

Put these together and you have the most powerful anti-cancer cocktail in the world! It’s far more powerful than any prescription drug, and it’s available to you right now at a fraction of the cost.

Truly, broccoli and tomatoes are powerful anti-cancer foods. You’d be crazy not to eat them as often as you can. I grow them in my backyard and eat them raw, right off the plant, as frequently as possible. That’s the ideal way to get your nutrition: straight from the plant to your mouth. The way nature intended.

By Mike Adams, Natural News

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